Thursday, May 8, 2008

Brief Updates

A lot has happened over the last week, so I'm going to just give brief updates of what we've been doing. Last Friday and Saturday was DH's and Dr. Destructo's first Father/Son campout!! DH has been looking forward to that thing for months. Or I guess I should say years, as he hasn't had a son to take on an outing for years. DH's brother and his son went with them and I think they had a good time. Dr. D was a little young so he didn't love it as much as I'm sure he will next year. But while the guys were girls played and played! It was a strange, liberating feeling to be without my little guy for a couple of days. My great friend Shauna had arranged a day of fun for us on Saturday (National Scrapbooking Day), and my SIL got to come with us. First we cropped from about noon to 5:30, then we went to Shauna's mom's for a lovely dinner, and then we went to a show at the Mesa Arts Center that introduced us to a new favorite music group. Jordan Bluth was there as well as Due West, which you have GOT to check out! They were fabulous!! I'm not surprised if they hit the big-time very soon. Go to YouTube and check out Due West. On their website you can download their song "Gravity" for a couple of weeks for free, and it's a great song.
So anyways, after the guys came home, we had a pretty normal Sunday. Then on Monday DH and his bro took a business trip to Mexico and left us girls home to party again. Shopping at Trader Joe's, chick flicks, and yummy snacks all played a part in there somewhere. Since the kids were in school and we only had the younger ones at home we played "Day Spa". :) It was so much fun!!! We pampered ourselves and enjoyed each other's company like very girly girls.
All in all it was the best weekend I've had in a while and I have to thank Shauna and my SIL for everything. I love you guys!!!


SuperCoolMom said...

Hey! We want pictures of the fun! Hooray for Father's and Sons! It was liberating to have even some of the kids gone!

*Katie May* said...

I know he has been waiting forever for fathers and sons. We ran into him one year and he was taking the girls camping because it was fathers and sons weekend. So I am sure he was pretty excited!

C said...

Oh, your talking about it makes me want to do it again!!!
Is tomorrow good for you?
I love ya!!