Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer fun

Swimming is one of my number one top summer favorite things to do. I really wish we had a pool in some ways, except for the cost and maintenance part of it. We are very, very blessed to have neighbors who are super nice and let us swim whenever we want in their pool. DH doesn't usually get to come, but when he does it is tons more fun for me. Today he gave each of the girls a turn to be tossed and they LOVED it! Especially Little Miss. She was by far the easiest to toss, being the tiny little thing she is. Dr. Destructo has been using a little baby float, but he's getting tired of it. A couple days ago I tried him in floaties and he thinks they are pretty cool. He is so cute kicking around the pool on his own, with one of us right next to him at all times, of course. He is at the age of independence, wanting to do everything on his own.
I know it's hot, but summer is still awesome!


SuperCoolMom said...

How fun! Most of my fun memories of my Dad were jumping off his shoulders into the pool.

Jen said...

The little one is so big!

*Katie May* said...

Wow lil miss really goes flying!! What awesome neighbors!