Monday, August 4, 2008


Read it! Done! WHEW~now life can go back to semi normal as usual. It was great, not sure if I should let my 12 year old read it. Without spoiling it, I just want to say that I like Stephenie Meyer's style. Now I'm biting my tongue to not say any more. :)

My great friend and I went to Walmart at midnight when it came out and grabbed a couple copies. Thanks for the book, S! I love the stickers they gave us because (without saying names ;) I can proudly wear the "My heart belongs to Edward" sticker, and not be talking about the book! That is fun.

And Little Miss starts kindergarten tomorrow at Montessori H. She is thrilled and since my other kids don't start until next week, they want to go to school with her everyday this week. Well, not exactly with her but in the older class so they can see all their friends. (the older kids are going to a new school this year but will be missing their friends from Montessori H.) I didn't plan on losing them to school for another week! It's a little shocking to me that they are all going to be gone tomorrow...

I'm sure I'll get over it. :-)


C said...

Oh, oh oh!!!! I was in El Paso till Thursday morning and SO sad to miss the release. I can't wait to read it. But I think I should re-read them all first... just to get the full taste again. I read them way too fast the first time!


SuperCoolMom said...

Yes! I finished yesterday right after church. I was so tempted to ditch and finish the last 40 pages! LOVED it!!!

I was on pins and needles! We need to organize a discussion group so we can all get it out of our system without blowing it online.

*Katie May* said...

I should be finished with it!! I helped my brother move all day Saturday and then since I am pregnant I try to think of something I can fast from since food is out normally I do sweets. Anyway, I knew my book would be a great sacrifice so I said I would not read it ALL day! I was tempted to stay up till 12:00 so I could start reading it. ANyway I am in the 200's and yeah I am not letting Kiley read these until she is much older. Brendan had a deacon who said he started reading it but was not allowed to continue on. (could you imagine a 12 year old boy reading it!?!?)

RhondaLue said...

UMM yah. Desi went to a big midnight party the night of the release with her friend (that's a boy, AHEM!) and his mom.

she's probably half-way through it by now. Should I make her stop? She's nearly 17 in a few weeks but is it way inappropriate? tell me quick!