Monday, September 22, 2008

My day and another craft

Here is another craft that I was inspired to make when I went to Domestic Bliss. I saw an adorable wreath and figured I could create a similar one on my own. I got a few supplies from the Dollar Store, and voila! Here is my version of the Halloween/fall wreath I saw. It's pretty cute, and including paint cost me $6 to make. Not too bad!
Here are the supplies:

an evergreen wreath to be spray painted black, a fall leaf garland, a fake white pumpkin, some letters I cut out of cardboard, painted black and glittered to spell "boo", a green berry spray separated into pieces, and some leftover ribbon for a bow.

And you get this:

OK, now for the my day segment of this post. I feel like I need to write some of my accomplishments for the day to assure myself I have some! I did get my kids off to school after a breakfast of cinnamon toast. It was healthy bread, though. And real butter. OK, then I let my almost-two-year-old watch TV all morning so I could finish a book I started yesterday called "These is my words" by Nancy E. Turner. It was a great book, loaned to me by Hotmama. I finally read it after having it for months. It was very good, and I cried my eyes out. Then, I put Dr. Destructo down for a nap after all that TV and finished the book. Oh--I did do one load of laundry and clean one bathroom. There's something! Then Little Miss came home and Dr. D woke up and ate lunch. Then I suddenly remembered early release from school today. Only 20 minutes late. So I got there almost 30 minutes late and picked up the kids. Yep, mine and 2 carpoolers, that thankfully have wonderfully forgiving moms. (I was late once last week too, due to TWO major traffic jams on my way to the school from the store.)
We are now home and all seems well. I'm just waiting to remember yet another thing that I have forgotten to do. Forgetting stuff is the story of my last week. I'm not sure what's wrong with me--I just need a good scrapbook day or something to clear my mind. :)


Lindsay Rookhuyzen said...

You always make the cutest crafts I wish I was so creative and had time to be!

thefreezerqueen said...

Could you please bring all you cute stuff and help decorate for spooky super! I never have time to do cute stuff. I use to dream that when I got all my kids in school I was going to do cute stuff like that. I missed that whole section of my life as I became a single mother and never had the chance.

*Katie May* said...

Wow super cute! You've been busy with some fun crafts!

Debe said...

Cute wreath!!
I love your version of your day.

TanFam said...

You are my inspiration Salsa Mama ~ I really like how your Halloween crafts are CHEAP but super cute! Keep posting stuff like that each holiday, so I can copy you :)