Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update on pedicures

Hey all! I just wanted to let everyone know that I have now added French Manicures (well, I mean pedicures) to my list of things I can do. I also have a Halloween design for next month.
So to answer several people who have asked, I AM still offering pedicures, and plan on doing it for a long time. I have found that I really enjoy giving pedicures, and it has been helpful financially to us. Thank you to everyone who has already come for a pedicure! Come again! And if you haven't come yet, what are you waiting for? ;)
So, my art repertoire includes flowers (with a jewel center), French style, polka dots, zebra (super cute), and for October a witch hat with a bow on it. (I'm also working on a jack-o-lantern)
Let's populate the world with cute toes, people!


*Katie May* said...

Glad it going good :)

Christine said...

May I schedule a pedicure for the reunion next July? I wish I were closer, I'd be there all the time!

STEPHON said...

I loved the last pedicure I got from you and the flower lasted forever- Very Cute! I will be calling soon. Thanks

Melinda said...

Sally Previous message was from me I was accidently on Stephons account. :)

Nik said...

I would like to place an order for zebra(!), polka dots, Halloween theme, and French!
You're going to DESTROY my budget!

Joy said...

Hey, just coming by for a visit. Look at you! You give pedicures and sew cute pumpkins and darling purses! I'm very impressed!!!