Monday, October 27, 2008

We had a birthday girl!!

Our little miss turned 5! (a couple weeks ago, but who's counting?) She had a real homemade birthday party, as we are on a tight budget around here, but it came out fun! All of her friends came and we played Pin the tail on the kitty (drawn by her oldest sister),
did face painting (the biggest hit of the day),
played dance and freeze, where you dance while the music is playing then freeze when it stops, a couple of relays including squeezing the sponge into the bucket to transfer the water from one bowl to the other and carrying a spoon full of water to the other bowl. The relays at this age were not the best activity, but we made the best of it.
Then delicious homemade cupcakes and ice cream, and opening presents! She got so many cute things that she has been playing with a lot. Overall I'd say it was a fun party and she is such a great addition to our family. Little miss is as smart as a whip, funny, speaks WAY above her tender age of 5 (which scares me a little sometimes!), and she is definitely a mama's girl. She LOVES to help me in the kitchen and go with me wherever I go. Yesterday I was taking some pictures of the kids and I told them to walk down the sidewalk holding hands so I could get a picture from behind. She piped up and asked, "Why do you want to take a picture of our butts?" Yep, that's my Little miss.


*Katie May* said...

Homade is the way to go. Kids don't notice things like that. What a funny girl (Kiley is like her to smart for her age)

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday to little miss!!! She is so sweey and so cute! Sounds like a fun party.

P.S. I like your toby Keith for the horses!!!!!

House Of P said...

Oh my GOSH! I can't believe Little Miss is already FIVE!! Happy Birthday Little Miss! You're party looks like it was a blast!

Lindsay said...

The kids had a blast at her party! They still are talking about it.

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Carla said...

What fun! I love the homemake parties!