Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chicken Noodle Surprise

I had to go through my pantry the other day to make something good for dinner. We decided on soup, and it actually came out really good! The girls wanted me to write down the recipe so we could make it again sometime, so I am putting it here for later use. :) BTW, of course we had to name it and it has been officially donned "Chicken Noodle Surprise".


chicken broth

1 packet onion soup mix (I know, this is not the best thing but it totally made the soup!)

a couple of diced, raw chicken breasts

bag of frozen vegetables

Cook these all together until the chicken is done.

Add some egg noodles and a can of great northern beans.

All done!

Bon Appetit!


Lorie said...

Onion Soup Mix is one of my favorite ingredients to add to things! It makes a killer roast and potatoes!

Melinda said...

You know cooking is not my favortie thing so I love easy recipes. I will try later this week yummy!

Jennifer said...

That sounds so good - and who can beat easy! Thanks for sharing!!


Lindsay said...

MMM sounds yummy! I found the kmart thanksgiving day sale ad out check it out on my sales blog

Holly Janeen said...

yum! thanks for sharing... and can you tell Jayne Seaman... Allby to please add me?? :)