Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Playlist is up!

I've updated to my Christmas playlist. I LOVE Christmas songs, and these are my top favorites. I'm sure I'm leaving some good ones out, so what else should I include? Leave a comment with your favorites so I can really make my playlist rock!


Nik said...

Someday I'll be updating my playlist, too... when I do, it will definitely include Believe by Josh Groban, maybe another Polar Express song or 2--like Spirit of the Season, or something. I love all the Amy Grant Christmas songs. I think you have a bunch of them. Two of my favorites are Welcome to Our World and A Christmas to Remember. Toward the end of December I start to listen to "Til the Season Comes Round Again" and I start to feel so sad...
Have you heard Christmastime by Hilary Weeks? I love love love that song! And Somewhere in My Memory from Home Alone. So sweet. There are a bunch from Miracle on 34th St. The Bellevue Carol is so beautiful. Not really upbeat and festive, though.
Too much info?

Melinda said...

Fun & Festive Sally!