Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bye bye, garland!

I realize I have been slllloooooowwww at posting lately. We have been so busy trying to get ready for the holidays. I can hardly begin to describe how blessed we've been. The Lord has blessed us through those around us more than I can say. I just want to thank whoever has dropped off money, food, misc. items, gifts, etc. anonymously to us. Our Christmas would have been LAME without you. And I don't just mean having nothing. I mean the happy tears that we would have missed, just by knowing we were loved and someone was thinking of us. The excitement and thrill of hearing the doorbell ring at night and opening the door to a bounty of goodies. The great example to my family which has made us resolve that when we are in a better financial position we are going to listen to the Spirit to know what family could use OUR help. Thank you, thank you whoever you are. We love you!!

So, today we took all the decorations down. It was time. A new year, a breath of fresh air by cleaning up the Christmas stuff. But I have to mention the saddest thing I put away. My garland. Like the song from the Forgotten Carols, "I cry the day that I take the tree down", well for me it's, "I cry the day that I take the garland down". haha After being inspired by the Nester, I took three of the plain garlands that I have had for several years and combined them into one big garland. Then attached it to my mantle with those removable plastic hooks, and stuck all manner of Christmas lovliness into it. I cut apart a few sprays of sparkly things, and branchy things, and found some beaded fruit and gold twigs at the thrift store for like 50 cents (a whole bag full!) and stuck those in, too. The result was the most beautiful garland I've ever had in my home, and cost me almost nothing.

The pictures don't do it much justice, as usual for my pictures. I packed it away, painfully, but happily looking forward to putting it up again next year. (FYI, to complete my mantle "look", I found these GORGEOUS glasses at the thrift store-$4 for both- and then just put our Christmas cards up there. I loved it!)

We were able to go to Mexico to spend time with my in-laws and see my new little niece, who is so cuddly and adorable!! It was worth the trip to see and hold her.

Well, and the singing and piano playing that my SIL and I HAVE to do, especially at Christmastime. That is one of my favorite things in the world. I have another new neice in Utah that I would love to see as well!! Her pictures are super cute.

The kids were able to go with another group that was down there to make some food deliveries to some very impoverished families. My older girls were very impressed with the poor conditions they saw. Large families who literally live in cardboard boxes for a home. Children who have to stay home alone all day while their family goes out trying to find food. They were touched, to say the least, and feeling rich (in a good way) and grateful by the time they got back.

Well, I still have more to post about... like the show my kids were in, sitting on Santa's lap, gingerbread houses, baby pictures, family pictures, etc. But those things will have to wait for another day. Happy New Year to one and all!!!!


*Katie May* said...

Pretty garland. How wonderful that people were so thoughtful and made your Christmas better!

Melinda said...

Your garland was beautiful. Good deal on the glasses too. Your mantle looks awesome. So glad to hear you had a good time in Mexico. I remember going down one Christmas and my kids felt he same as yours. Hopefully we can do it again soon. Cool experience!

SuperCoolMom said...

What a sweet little niece! How fun to have two for Baby Bean to play with! Love your Garland! I hate taking down my decorations too. Everything looks so bare. This year I'm waiting until the big kids are back at school. (Although, I'm not quite sure why I think that will be easier.)

ajwhet10 said...

Sally, you are such an artist! I'm so glad you got the Mexico experience with your kids. Your suegros are Da Bomb, and truly understand what Christmas is about. Also glad there were good surprises for y'all.

Carla said...

What a pretty baby! And pretty garland! LOVE your temple and frame! Blessings of 2009 to you all:)