Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new President

It's official, Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America. And yes, I'm so upset I'm crying. No surprise to anyone who knows of my crying record to date. :)
I did catch the AMAZING musical number (no, not Aretha Franklin) that was composed by John Williams and featured Yo Yo Ma, along with a violinist, clarinetist, and pianist. It was called "Simple Gifts" and was absolutely beautiful. Can you imagine sitting there as all these stars and famous composers and poets are performing just for you and realizing you have 4 more years of this kind of treatment? THAT would be awesome. Even if you do manage to stumble and mess up the presidential oath, which you would think you would memorize ahead of time to make up for nerves and such. But hey, maybe "technicalities" aren't the priority of this incoming president. Well, I won't go into all that right now as I believe it will unfold itself shortly and over the next four years. Welcome to the presidency, Mr. Obama. Just try not to screw it up too much, ok?
A side note, you know, I was just thinking that if John McCain were black it would have confused a lot of people and they wouldn't have known WHO to vote for. It would have put the election on more of an even ground, I think. Just a thought.


Carla said...

what if McCain was born with two black American parents? Would it matter that Obama is half black? hmmmm, well, either way, He's the guy in the hot seat now, and I'm praying for his success:)

*Katie May* said...

I was sad watching it thinking of all the changes that are going on and that are coming. Oh and I thought it was weird how he fumbled up too but then someone mentioned how the judge that swore him in was doing it without looking at it and he was the one that messed it up. Obama was probaby trying to say it right when the judge messed. Not that I am trying to stick up for Obama but that is what they were saying, It probably drove Obama nuts because he to me seems like he is a perfectionist. I kind of found it humorous :)

wendy said...

I was trying to get a hold of you today! I turned it on hoping I'd get to see president Bush say good bye, but nope, I missed it. You know how I feel about the whole thing, so no, I didn't enjoy not even a minute of it...actually I had to turn it off several times, it makes me sad and upset. And the way people (and the reporters) were sort of talking like if he was some kind of God? give me a break! anhyhow, it's done...sadly for all of us. I will pray for him, for a change of heart...but I am not holding my breath on that one :P

House Of P said...

not to offend,we all have different views and I especially value yours, but I wouldn't have voted for McCain if he were black and I certainly didn't vote for Obama because he was black. I'm excited for this change & think Obama will do a great job! I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised:)

Sorry it's been an emotionally tough day, I hope I didn't make it worse!

Debe said...

I refused to watch... but B had it on anyway so I had to hear it. I have actually never seen one before and didn't want this to be the first one, kwim.

About the song, B and I were amazed that they could play so beautifully when it was sooooo cold there. I bet their fingers were freezing. It was a very beautiful song and they performed it flawlessly! It was my favorite part.

Second was the mess up. But I would have liked that part even if I liked the new pres.

I am with you and my prayers are he doesn't mess things up too badly.