Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some relief

I have a lot on my mind lately. One thing I have been kind of worrying about is keeping up with cooking after the baby is born. I know it's going to take me some time to recover, and you know, I'm the one who cooks in our house. I have a most excellent DH who is a huge help and does pretty much anything I ask of him. But cooking... Well, it's just not his thing. (so he says) But now that we have a grill, well, things are changing a bit around here. Let me just say, he's getting his grill on, baby! He can make a great burger, but this week has branched out into pork chops, which came out soooooo good. I marinated some chicken in teriyaki sauce for him last night, and once again, he did not disappoint. The chicken was perfectly done- still juicy and firm, mmmmmmmmmm- and we grilled onions and red and yellow peppers to go on the side, and fresh pineapple slices which were DIVINE. Serve all that with a side of quinoa and we had a great dinner cooked by none other than DH.
So, I am relieved. One of my worries is disappearing and that is a good thing. And, even though if you ask him he won't fully admit he is enjoying this cooking (yes honey, grilling is still a form of cooking) I can tell he likes it.

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*Katie May* said...

lol. Sounds yummy! It'll all work out