Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Here's what my darling baby is doing at 4 months. (staying a tiny baby forever is NOT it, despite the requests of his mother)

* Rolling over back to front and front to back.
* Grabbing for toys, holding them, and inserting into mouth for a tasty treat.
* Jabbering and spitting lots and loudly, especially at church.
* Focusing intently on things he wants (like my cheesecake) and trying desperately to get it. Thankfully (for my cheesecake) he can't quite control where those hands and arms go yet.
* Giggles so cutely when he is tickled, especially on the ribs and underarms.

I just had to jot down some things before I forget when they happened. We sure love this little man!!!


*Katie May* said...

such a doll!

Melinda said...

HE is so darn cute. Love his smile. He is just what your family needed!

RhondaLue said...

such a sweet smile! No wonder he melts all your hearts!

Kyle and Sarah said...