Monday, December 7, 2009

Goings on -kinda long

Wow, this last weekend felt like a week instead of just 2 days. In a good way, that is. My house is a complete WRECK as proof that we were busy little beavers. I'm trying to muck it out today (it's gonna take all week), and conquer "Laundry Mountain".

This is not even half, people!!
On the up side, my Christmas decor is out and I am LOVING it.

Well, all except the tree which I'm hoping we will get to this week. One of my favorite things about Christmas is getting the ornaments out and watching the kids reminisce over each one. It's very bonding, in my opinion.

Saturday I went to Goodwill for half off day and SCORED a ton of stuff!!! We got like 6 pairs of pants-some for me and some for Sweet G, which were desperately needed; 3 cute long sleeved shirts for Blondie; a super cute jacket for Blondie; 5 bags of brand new pull-ups (for night use) at only $1.50 a bag!!!!!!; 2 new skirts for Sweet G, plus a shirt; a shirt for me; a CUTE purse for me; 2 pairs of pants for Dr. D; some berry thingys I'm going to put in the Christmas tree; and a mug tree that is perfect as a little wreath holder! It's going to get a paint job, but is working just fine for now! Isn't she cute?

I also turned a sweater that my friend Naunee picked up into a sweater dress for Little Miss, and paired it with the perfect leggings. I used the tutorial from the Makeitandloveit blog to do the sweater dress. SUPER easy. Also altered a black velvet skirt (I think it was a women's mini skirt?) into a perfect little holiday skirt for Little Miss. All I had to do was sew down both sides and it is perfect!
We also had our ward Christmas party, which was fun and several of us participated in. The kids got to sit on Santa's lap (our FAVORITE Santa, no less!). Pictures of that are coming.
Yesterday, we picked up a trundle bed that I scored on Craigslist for Sweet G and Blondie to share. We have done some room re-arranging, now need to do some furniture moving to cement in the changes. DH and I had to drive out to Florence to pick up the bed, which gave us a couple hours of "alone time". It turned out to be a very wonderful trip! We put the three older girls in a room together, and put Dr. D on the top bunk and Little Miss on the bottom bunk in their room. We are also going to put the crib in their room for our little Tail Gunner. I'm considering keeping the old mattress and giving it to Dr. D as a trampoline for Christmas...

Then last night was the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, which I LOOOOVE. I thought the music was especially out-of-this-world! My favorite song was "For unto us a Child is born" from the Messiah. But they were all good. Christmas songs are my favorite, anyway.
Then a practice for Stake Conference next week. I am playing my flute with the choir, and my good friend who plays the oboe. We used to play together a lot in high school, and it was so fun to get together again! Just like old times.
DH is on a diet and lost almost 14 pounds this weekend!!! His wedding ring is loose! I started walking this morning with the older girls and began an eating plan as well. I'm SURE I won't get the same results as DH, but hope to lose at my own rate.
Read part one of Stephanie Nielson's (NieNie) story in the newspaper yesterday. I'm keeping it, so if anyone wants to read it, you can borrow it. Part 2 comes out next week. She just keeps amazing me, that girl!!
Oh! Don't want to forget to mention that Teeny Bopper was in a dance performance last week, and my girl can dance! She did GREAT! It was so fun to watch. Here is a picture I snuck that I wasn't supposed to. heeheehee I pointed her out~

Well, I'm off like a dirty shirt to keep on doing that laundry and other mess. Dr. D should be occupied jumping on that mattress for a while...


*Katie May* said...

looks like my laundry lol :) Very cute decorations, still very in love with you JOY blocks!

RhondaLue said...

Our laundry piles match! I get it all done and feel good and then whaddayaknow? 8 more loads are heaped and ready for me two days later, NICE. lol

Your decorations look beautiful. I need to get to goodwill but I never know which Sat is 50% off and don't want to make a trip for nothin' so I just skip it altogether. Great finds though!

House Of P said...

Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! Beautiful decorations and way to go on your bargain shopping! I'm headed to the thrift store on Thursday hoping to find an Ugly Christmas sweater for the Ugly Christmas sweater party I've been invited to. It would be fun if I had some other great finds as well.

Melinda said...

I love your decor as well. lots of changes...good for you!

Stephanie said...

I want to see some pics of these cute clothes you're making! I love little girl sweater dresses. And the skirt sounds really cute too. I don't know how you do it all!