Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birthday month

Sweet G sporting her loot. She is a lover of all things snowglobe.

I am so behind in everything, posting on my blog is just one of them. :) We have been busy little birthday beavers here in our house the last couple of weeks. So this post is dedicated to my January birthday-ers.
First we have DH, who likes to keep his birthdays on the quiet side. He quietly turned 37, and is cuter than ever in my humble opinion. He has recently lost 40 pounds, and is working hard to keep losing. He is an example to me in so many ways. He is always telling me what a great mom he thinks I am, and how beautiful he thinks I am. (he needs new glasses. hehe) But I want to let him know that HE is a FANTASTIC parent. He is so good at catching those precious teaching moments and making the most of them. I love watching him give the baby squeezes and gush over every little thing he does. I could never ask for a better partner in this life. Our special phrase is "I couldn't have picked a better wife/husband if I'd have picked her/him myself". We say this because we know that Heavenly Father matched us up and made sure we got it right. I thank the Heavens for this every day!
And THEN, as if having an awesome husband wasn't enough, we were blessed with a daughter who decided to come into our lives. 14 years ago today, in fact. Our little Teeny Bopper, who from day one has been an independent little creature. She loves her family, loves her friends, loves to have fun and be a goof but also loves to be quiet and has a stunning spirit about her. I am so proud of her for loving the Temple and making an effort to go so often. For her quiet yet strong resolve to make good choices and have good friends. This will make a huge impact for the good in her life! This is Teeny Bopper with one of her bff's who came over for her birthday dinner. They are a fun pair!

And then AGAIN, we were blessed with another lovely daughter 12 years ago this month. Our little Sweet G. She was blessed with a sweetness that I always wanted and never quite felt I had. She likes to do quiet service and is always on the lookout for ways to help me, her dad, and her siblings. She's the one who sneaks in and makes your bed while you are making breakfast or in the shower. She gives of herself without asking for favors in return. This quality will take you far, G! I bet there will be many good deeds done because of your influence on other people. Thanks for giving so much to our family! These are scenes from Sweet G's party: Band Hero (LOTS of Taylor Swift singing), pizza, and cake pops.

I sure love these people! Now, I'm ready for a break from all the birthdays for a while! :) Oh wait-Teeny Bopper has a party coming up...


Drama Queen #1 said...

Oh my gosh, I love, love, LOVE that picture of me and her! I love it! :) :) :)


Melinda said...

You have GREAT girls. Happy birthday to them.

Happy Birthday to cousing Paul. WOW can't wait to see him.

grammy becky said...

Hey SalsaMama, I love your pictures! Do you take them yourself or is that you sweet hubby that takes them? The chocolate goodies and even the lil' cease box pic is too cute.

Salsa Mama said...

Thanks for the compliment! I do take the pics myself. I have the Canon Rebel xTi and my new toy is the 50 mm 1.8 lens. It's the cheapest upgrade lens and I am LOVING it! :)

Rachel said...

Hey Sally...I didn't know you had a blog. I saw a link on another family member's blog. Our blog is private...let me know if you want an invite through facebook or something and I'll send you one. I don't have your email address.

Rachel Richardson