Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tortilla Flats

Monday was a day off of school (Civil Rights day), so we decided to take a little trip with the kids. Nothing too major, just get out of the house and be together sort of trip. We decided on Tortilla Flats. It's a favorite drive on the motorcycle because it's so fun to take the curves and dips on a bike. It was still fun in the suburban, but we did have a little man who got car sick. Poor little Dr. Destructo! He was literally green, and remained so for the rest of the night even after we got home. I felt so bad for the little guy! Anyway, we had a fun time in spite of this (he actually got most sick on the way home, after all the fun). We packed the baby in the back pack, which he LOVED, toured the gift shop, threw rocks in the little lake, went into the teeny-tiny "museum", took some fun pictures, and let the kids run around. Here are the pictures to prove we really were there. :)

Here's Dr. D and I throwing rocks into the water. A little boy's dream!

Little Miss posing for a shot. :)

And her dad posing his cute self for a picture...

Teeny Bopper reading something on the wall in the museum.

Blondie being chased by the metal horses? :)

Baby in the backpack. Daddy was so happy to be out with his fam!

Our next trip to Tortilla Flats is already planned. My birthday! It will be my turn for a ride on the bike with daddy and we are going to ride out there, have lunch, maybe get a birthday gift in the gift shop (they had some awesome turquoise jewelry...) and then ride home. I am looking forward to it!!


*Katie May* said...

How fun! I love all the pictures, it really makes me want to get a nice camera! :) I'm sure it will be a great b-day!

Melinda said...

Ya I like the pics too. What a fun trip. Glad you got to spend the day together.