Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Allo Gov'na!" (said with a cockney accent)

Here are some photos of my super-hot husband and darling daughter as they were stepping out for the Chairman's Award Banquet with the Governor. That's right, dinner with our own Gov. Brewer! I didn't get to go this time because I couldn't take my little Tail Gunner, and he isn't quite ready to be away from me (meaning from his food) for the 5 hours or whatever it was they were gone. Next year, I'll go and hopefully/probably/whatever we will have a new Governor.
Don't they look beautiful?!?!

(P.S. When did she grow up?)


Melinda said...

Look at that girl! WOW she is so beautiful. What a pretty smile! Yes, just when did she grow up :)

Jen said...

What a fun treat for them to do together:)

Drama Queen #1 said...

*sigh* We have such a good looking family, gosh darn it!!!!