Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Valentine's day, documented

I wanted to post what we did for Valentine's Day, you know, for posterity's sake. It started with french toast and sausage, with a dusting of powdered sugar in the shape of a heart. Very cute, actually. Then lunch was homemade salsa (Daddy made it this time) with taquitos and chips. For dinner, we pulled out all the stops, and used our china and lovely red glasses. I so LOVE those glasses! The food was as great as the dishes--shrimp scampi and Trader Joe's green bean and roasted corn casserole. We also had pink sherbet punch to make it extra-special. Dessert was raspberry brownies from Sam's club. Good, but soooo mouth-puckering rich. A very good day for food, I'd say. :)

Oh--funny story. I was up with Little Miss and her earache until 2 in the morning Saturday night. As I was heading to bed at 2 am, I happened to look out the window on the front door and saw a car in front of my house. It looked like my bff's car, and it puzzled me to see it there. Then I saw a woman out on my front lawn, bent over near my kid's wagon. I thought to myself, "That lady wants to steal our wagon!!! No way!" I watched her to see what she was going to do, ready to open the door and yell at her. She stood up after a minute, got into her car, and drove away. I went right outside to see if she had taken anything and hoping it wasn't my son's tricycle that he loves so much. Well... turns out it was one of Teeny Bopper's friends heart-attacking our lawn for her for Valentine's day! phew! I laughed out of relief and because it was just so darn funny that I was getting all worked up for nothing.


Jen said...

Wow! I wish I came to dinner:)

p.s. do you have the VT lists?
i lost mine & don't know who I visit & can't remember my partners name.



Lorie said...

No pictures??? ;D

I am glad you had a great Valentine's Day and love your new blog header!!

*Katie May* said...

how funny you caught the heat attacking you guys

Melinda said...

WOW what a neat day! Sounds yummy and fun. 2 funny about late nite guest!