Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dr. D

I have to write some of the funny things Dr. Destructo has been saying lately before I forget.

He was supposed to give the scripture in Primary on Sunday. It had been a crazy week so we didn't practice it at all. When he got up to the microphone, the teacher asked him if he knew it and he said "yes". I was standing in the back thinking, "Oh, no he doesn't!" So he went up to the mic. by himself and said, "You have out for stuff...or somethin'..." It was so funny! I was in the back signaling to the teacher to let her know he did NOT know the scripture so she went over and helped him. I guess he got one of the themes in the scriptures right on... we do have to watch out for stuff...or somethin'. :)

DH likes to ask him, "What do boys do?" His usual answers are pee in the woods, shoot guns, kick balls, and today he added a new one--fly with butterfly wings. Hey, the kid has four older sisters, I guess we need to cut him some slack. hehehe

He likes to pretend to read books, and today he was "reading"--"The Princess and the Chicken Noggets". heehee He means nuggets but it comes out noggets. Such a funny kid!!!

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RhondaLue said...

Well considering how Ash says HIS name, saying the word 'nuggets' a little differently ain't nothin'. lol

By the way, she's always said it right before but she came in yesterday and asked to play with "Blinkin' Logs" So funny.