Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter stuff

We colored our Easter eggs Saturday night, and it was clear that Dr. D didn't remember it from last year. He was sooo excited about the whole thing.

He was thrilled to put his egg into the cup and see it change colors. He would put the egg in and immediately say, "Can I take it out now?" So we developed a system of putting the egg in the cup, singing the ABC song, and then taking the egg out.

What's that she's writing on that egg, you wonder? Let's see, shall we...

Yes, it's an evil egg. The other side has "Dead Bob" on it; code word for skull or skeleton at our house. Yah, it's baaaad to the bone.

Here's our loverly assortment of eggs. Sweet G was the one who got all fancy (as usual) and did the tie-dye and patchwork looking ones. The little kids loved the stickers.

And here's how Teeny Bopper colored eggs. Yep, sitting on her tush at the computer. She doesn't like the smell of the eggs and the vinegar coloring solutions, so she opted out. It's ok, because Dr. D and Little Miss were very happy to color a few extra eggs.

And here's a shot of baby boy finding an egg. He's just cute, that's all. :)


*Katie May* said...

So fun! Ok now I have to go eat a boiled egg, see ya! Oh it was good to see you guys the other day!

Jen said...

We were bums and didn't decorate eggs this year. Last year I was so good at doing activities- What a slicker I have become.

such cute pics of the kids:)