Saturday, May 22, 2010

A year ago today

One year ago today, about now in fact, I was getting all prepped for surgery. I remember the girl who checked us into the hospital, and the lady who got me into my hospital gown (ah, hospital gowns) and got my IV in and going. Boy, she did a great job with that IV, I was so impressed! She strapped monitors onto my belly to see how our little guy was doing in there, and I felt kind of bad that we were going to rip him out of that comfy womb he was snuggled up in and drag him into this bright world. DH also got suited up in some scrubs and that cute hat they gave him to wear. Then we waited a little while for our turn. We talked about what we were about to do, the change that was going to come over our little family with the addition of this baby boy.

I remember the lady who helped explain everything to me--the spinal, the anesthesia, what I would feel and that she would be watching me so carefully to make sure I was breathing fine and not freaking out. She was a small woman, older than I would have expected a woman in her job to be, with a smoker's voice. I loved her. At first I was a little worried because I wanted DH with me for all of this, but she was so nice, and I felt completely secure in her care. I leaned on her as the anesthesiologist put that big needle into my back. The spinal went in without a hitch, and I was laid down as I felt my body go warm and numb. I actually like that feeling; warmth spreading over my cold body, relaxation setting in, knowing that they could cut my legs off and I wouldn't feel a thing. No pain, I like that. :) I could tell they began scrubbing my belly, but didn't really feel ANYthing, not even a lot of being moved around or anything. I liked it that way. I was very happy to see my doctor come in. I really like my doctor and I trusted that he would do a good job and take good care of me. Then the sheet went up in front of my face, and DH was brought in. I felt SOOO much better just at the sight of that man. I loved having him talk to me and touch my face and kiss my head. Very reassuring.

There was a little chit chat, and as I looked up at the shiny light fixture above me I could see what was going on. It grossed me out a little (blood and I do not mix), so I quit looking and then all of a sudden it seemed, there was a baby! He was my baby, out of my body now, and giving a good little cry. Oh, he was so adorable! They wrapped him up and I was able to kiss his little face. I'm getting teary just thinking of it. That sweet little face! Those dear little cheeks that had never before seen the light of day and I got to give them their first kisses. He was a little smaller than I thought he'd be, but not by much.

I was cleaned up, sewed up, or stapled or glued or whatever. Then they took DH and I into another room and wheeled our baby in to us in his little clear hospital bassinet. They left us all alone for a little bit, which I had not expected. It was nice. I wanted to hold that baby so badly, but my arms weren't quite back to themselves yet. I held him for a little bit anyway, with things propped up so I wouldn't drop him. DH then took a turn holding him as he called everyone to spread the good news. Our second son, sixth child, last baby of all had arrived.


Jen said...

I'm sure you can't believe it has already been 1 year. Time totally flies!

*Katie May* said...

So sweet :) Sounds about like my last delivery I loved my c section

Melinda said...

A year? WOW Sweet story