Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ode to my boys

I wanted to write a little somethin' about my boys. They are such a joy to me. Of course, my girls are too, but having boys is still such a new experience that I marvel at them daily. :)

Dr. D-
You are so funny. Seriously funny. Your expressions and the expressive way you talk just gets me! I love the way your little mouth goes sideways when you talk. Your enthusiasm is contagious and makes me smile.

I know I shouldn't, but I think it's hilarious the way you fake burp all the time. I feel like I need to be a responsible parent and so I tell you it's bad manners, yadda yadda, but inside I'm just busting up! It's such a boy thing to do.

It's so funny watching you be impressed with how far you can pee. This was emphasized at our recent campout. :) I think you only used the port-a-potty twice in 3 days! (lucky duck)
You know all the words and like to sing "Castle on a Cloud" to me. You like me to sing it to you, too, but I have to change "Cozette" to "Dr. D (and everyone else in the room's name, too)".

I think it's funny how EVERY NIGHT since Christmas you have asked me to sing Jingle Bells for your bedtime song. If I tell you "no Jingle Bells tonight", you always ask for Frosty the Snowman next. Lately you want to sing Jingle Bells yourself, and you get so into it that you are belting it out by the end. Love it!! (you get that love of Christmas songs from your mother, by the way)
When it's time to get your jammies on, you are so cute. You always pick out your own, they always go together, and you always come show me which ones you picked and are so excited about them.

You LOVE dandelions. If we walk by a yard that has some, you have to pick at least one (preferably more), blow it, and make a wish.

I love how you call marshmallows "smarshmallows".

Whenever I come home, you ALWAYS come running up to me and yell, "Mommy!!" and hug me. It's a thrill to me and I will be sad when that comes to an end as you grow up.

Tail Gunner-
You are developing one hum-dinger of a personality. It's fun to see such a little body so expressive already.

Watching you walk is a delight. It's the cutest thing! You seem too little to be walking around so much, but there's no more crawling for you.

I like watching you get a kick out of things. Like your brother. You two already have a special bond and communication going on.

You have a sweet giggle and smile. Those little teeth add so much to your cuteness!

Though you love to have fun and laugh and smile, you are also contemplative and serious at times. You are an observer (like your mama). There are many times you sit back and watch what is going on around you, taking it all in.

Your independence is budding. Feeding yourself more, playing on your own more, wandering room to room on your own, hearing your brother or sisters playing in another room and you go off to check it out. Becoming a little man!

Two of the sweet spots in my life are these little guys. And boy do they love their momma! It's an interesting thought to me, to realize that I am raising these guys to grow up and be husbands and fathers to their own little rugrats someday. To know that one day, I won't be the main woman in their life anymore. I guess that's the plan for this life, but I'm so so so glad to know that I am their first love and will always have a special spot in their heart as they will in mine.

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