Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Estate sale find!

I have been wanting a small dresser to put in my front entryway.  This is what I have had there for a while:

Not bad, but a little visually light for the space.   (and let's face it, I need more furniture with storage capacity for all my junk.  I mean, treasures.)  :)
I have searched on Craigslist week after week, and have seen many that would work, but I am going for very cheap and very close.  I wasn't willing to travel the state to get this dresser, know what I mean?  I just wanted something with good lines that I could makeover and that would hold blankets.  We have too many blankets, but that's a topic for another day.  :)
Well, last week, I was about 20 min. early to pick up Dr. D from preschool, so I decided to drive around the neighborhood to kill time.  I saw an Estate Sale sign, so Tailgunner and I went in to see.  There was some cool stuff, but what caught my eye was this little dresser, and it was only $5!!!  

I had a $10 in my pocket, and it was PERFECT!  Just what I was looking for, at the price I dreamed of!  So, I quickly claimed that baby.  Here it is in my entry:

I was also looking at this little old schooldesk that was in the same room.

The lady working the sale came in and said how surprised she was that the desk hadn't sold.  (marked $10)  It was charming and I admired it out loud to her.  She said, "Well, I'll let you have it for $5 if you can take it today."  That worked for me!  I'm not sure where to put it, but my kids LOVE playing "school", and I knew they would go nuts over it.  (which they did)  I figured I could always re-sell it later and make money on it if I don't want to keep it. 
So, off I went with a dresser, antique school desk, and she threw in Battleship and a Barbie car for my $10 plus some change I had in my purse.  Score!  I may have to come early to pick up more often...


Lorie said...

A cute paint color and some new knobs and that is going to be the cutest dresser EVER!! What a steal!

Jen said...

LOVE IT! (is that behind the front door?)
Such great finds!