Sunday, September 5, 2010

How do YOU eat an oreo?

I saw some mint oreos in the store today, and couldn't pass them up.  While watching my kids eat them, I discovered some interesting things. It reminded me of those old commercials that said, "How do YOU eat an Oreo cookie?"
Here's what I noticed:
Tailgunner enjoyed his the way any baby would.  Thoroughly!
Dr. D didn't really end up eating his.  He pulled them apart, dipped the side without cream into his milk until it was soggy, then threw it away.  Then he nibbled on the cookie around the cream on the other side and left the center of the cookie with the cream on it.  I'm guessing he doesn't love oreos!  He did have fun dipping, though.
Blondie dipped and ate, no problem.
Little Miss separated hers, licked all the cream off, then dipped and ate the cookies.
I usually like to dunk mine in cold milk, then eat the whole cookie together.  Sometimes I do like to separate it but I never just lick the cream off.  I like double stuff and mint the best.  I really love Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe Joe's the best (their version of oreos are called Joe Joe's).  All the Joe Joe's are great. DO you eat an Oreo cookie?


House Of P said...

Just like you! And I NEVER just lick the cream off!

tdljld said...

I take two oreos, seperate them, stick the two sides with cream together to make a doublestuff and the two, now blank, oreos together. I eat the blank ones first, dipped on milk, then the doublestuff. I do the same with doublestuff oreos, creating tripplestuff. Also, golden oreos are the best.

Jen said...

That's awesome!
I craved Oreo's so bad when I was prego w/ Katelyn- However I only gave in once.
When i do eat them I separated them, eat the bare cookie 1st, scrape off the creme w/ my teeth, then eat the 2nd cookie. I'm not a milk drinker.

Christine said...

HA! I lick off the cream and only eat the cookies if the kids are watching - otherwise I throw them away. If I could buy a tub of just the cream, I'd be all over that!!!

Vanilla said...

I am doing an essay on why Oreo cookies are so good. So one of the paragraphs is about taste and I was wondering what makes the cream so good?

Melinda said...

Cutest little oreo eater I have ever seen....LOL