Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas

It begins with a sleepover.  All the kids sleep in one bedroom together.  Well, except the bambino.  He kept to his crib.  The rule is, when they wake up they have to come straight into mom and dad's room, and it can't be before 7 am.  This is the first year they have actually come in at 7.  They usually sleep in until at least 8.

Here is a shot of our tree on Christmas Eve.  Naunee came over and we watched "The Nativity Story" while we did last minute wrapping.

When we are all up, the kids line up in the hall youngest to oldest.  We usually have them come one at a time into the living room, but since this house is set up a little differently than our last, they all came in together.  They take a look at the tree and then commence the stocking hunt. 

At our house, Santa hides the full stockings.  Stockings are our favorite part!!  Even Tailgunner LOVED his stocking.  He didn't want anything else for a while.  :)

Everyone was happy with their treasures.  It was a GREAT day!!  We spent the day playing and enjoying each other.  My mom slept over and we made our traditional Christmas Day foods, which are a bunch of finger foods.  Hawaiian meatballs, bbq smokies, pinwheels, finger sandwiches, pickles, chips and dips, etc.

DH got some sparklers in his stocking, so guess what we did once it became dark?  :)

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Melinda said...

Looks like you have settled in to your new home! sure love your family. Glad you had a great Christmas