Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cat in the Hat cake

Sweet G and I decided to throw a surprise bday party for Teeny Bopper.  Because of the Seussical play, we decided to do a Seuss themed party.  Naunee made this SPECTACULAR hat cake.  It came out exactly like I had hoped!  Only better!!  :)  She is amazing.

She had Dr. D help her blow out the candles.  As you can tell, he was quite proud to help.  And even the candles were "Seussy". 

It was a fun party.  The best part was when I gave her a special present.  In Seussical, JoJo (the part my Teeny Bopper played) dies.  Yes, I cried.  So, everyone is sad and serious after she gets killed in the war, and the Cat in the Hat comes out.  He is holding this doll that they dressed exactly like JoJo and he is all sad.  But wait, he says, maybe JoJo didn't really die afterall.  How to tell?  A re-enactment!  So he does this little re-enactment of JoJo's last scene and...  JoJo comes out alive afterall!!  Back to the gift part.  I went to TB's school and was able to get the JoJo doll!!  I knew it would mean the world to her, and it sooo did.  I wish we had video taped her opening it, it was the best reaction to a gift since her American Girl doll years ago.

Thanks to Sweet G for all her work in helping plan it, and to TB for being so appreciative.  Love you girls!

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House Of P said...

What a fantastic cake! I had no idea Naunee was SO talented! I remember the video you played when the girls got their AG dolls. I so wish I could have seen Teeny bopper open JoJo. It's so fun to have the perfect present. Happy Birthday Teeny Bopper!