Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More days in Mexico - Lots of pics*

I got a bunch of pictures of my boy so here they are!  I CAN"T WAIT until he comes home!!  Only a couple more days!  Woohoo!!!

Riding bareback.  He liked "feeling the horses bones" and hanging on to the mane:

Riding with a saddle.  I can't believe how he isn't freaking out!  My boy who is terrified by dogs of all sizes (even the teeny ones!):

Watching the car get fixed from down in the pit.  Boy heaven, I tell ya!:

Driving the tractor.  Grandpa only allowed this for a couple minutes for safety:

Watching the dump truck dump, which apparently he LOVED:

Just being a goof:

Throwing sticks and rocks into the ditch.  Grandpa didn't take his eyes off him around the ditch, I was assured:

With Gramps in their Sunday duds.  Such handsome dudes:

In the bucket of the backhoe:

Going up:

1 comment:

Jen said...

Wow, kinda freaking out at that last pic. But oh what fun I'm sure he totally had :)

Seriously he looks like he is in boy heaven.
trucks, sticks, dirt, mud = Heaven :)