Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grocery Ads

It's a new week for grocery ads!  Yay!

Here is my plan:
Check Deals to Meals to see which ads are a really great deal.  This means, what items are cheaper than Costco or Sam's.  I will plan my menu around those items and try to get a couple extra for food storage.  My budget is extra low this week, so I will use what I already have as much as possible.  Good thing I stocked up the last couple of weeks!
Second up, I will check Centsable Shoppin.  This site is AWESOME!  If you know anything about Couponsense, this is very similar, except it is all FREE.  I don't get the newspaper either, but tons of the coupons she uses are printable, so I just print them out on my computer and away I go! 
When I go to that site, I usually just click on the Fry's button because they have the best coupon deals.  You can read the site for more tips.  She posts deals constantly, so you can check back once a week or once a day for new deals; whatever you have time for.  Check it out!!


MegRich said...

Just wanted to tell you that I used your links from the previous post to print off the coupons for pasta. Got 16 boxes for free! Thanks! I know- don't you just love when the new ads come. Gets me all excited to go grocery shopping.

RhondaLue said...

I love her blog too!!! She posts A LOT but I 'liked' her FB so I get notifications when she posts something new. That helps because I don't have time to run to her blog to check every little thing.

I have saved TONS of money too! Stocking up on toiletries and cleaning supplies and mostly totally free! :)

I think the thing I like the most is that we're trying new and different things because if I am getting an item for free or super cheap...well, we're not passing that up!

Also, Edna said dollar tree has Sun. papers for a buck if you did want to get the coupon inserts. You have to go FIRST THING mon a.m. though. I went at 10 a.m and none of the papers had coupons left in 'em. :(

Salsa Mama said...

Yah, I checked a couple dollar stores first thing Monday morning, and they didn't have any papers left. Bummer!

House Of P said...

Ladies here in Virginia get their coupon inserts for free from the recycling center. They also come away with multiple sets of coupons. Maybe something worth checking into?