Saturday, April 16, 2011


One of our favorite vegetables was on sale this week: artichokes.  They had a bit of brown on the leaves, but they were a good shape and boy, did they ever cook up well!! 

Here's how we eat an artichoke.  Step 1, boil the smack out of it.  Step 2, let it cool a bit so as not to burn one's self.  Step 3, pour a gob bit of this sauce into a small bowl for dipping. :

It is a lemon goddess tahini dressing, and is MADE for artichokes, let me tell ya.  Step 4, peel off the leaves until you start to see some "meaty" part at the base.  When you see the meat, dip and scrape it off with your teeth.  Step 5, when you get to the heart, remove the fuzzy choke, do a happy dance, dip and eat.  This is your reward for getting through all the leaves!  :)  And sometimes, by the time the little kids are done with the leaves, they leave the heart!  YES!  I am happy to clean up their mess in these cases.  hehehe

Next time maybe I will try to make them like the Cheesecake Factory does.  Boil them until done, then cut in half, season with salt and pepper and grill.  Oh, baby. 

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House Of P said...

Yay for artichokes on sale! We LOVE them too!!! Keven grew artichokes in his garden in AZ.