Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crafty Every After

I have realized that crafting is like breathing for me.  It is just something I need to do in life.  To survive.  You know what I mean, right?
Here are a couple of things we have done in the crafty arena lately:

T-shirt shrug!  This is our first version of converting a tshirt into a shrug.  Totally worked!  Super cute!!  I am going to try one of mine next.  I am not as cute as Sweet G, but hopefully it will give me a new look.  :)

Wheat grass!!  This is my spring centerpiece.  I got three metal pails from the dollar spot at Target and made some black vinyl numbers with the Silhouette.  Planted the wheat berries, and voila!!  It took about a week to get it this tall.  Perfect for Easter weekend!  Oh-and the grass pails needed a sweet table runner to sit on, so I paid $2 for a piece of burlap and fashioned this ruffled beauty. 

In love!  Burlap was easier to sew than I expected, and about as itchy as I expected.  Don't think I'll be making pants out of it anytime soon...

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Jen said...

Both r adorable!