Thursday, May 5, 2011

The things kids say

Here is a picture of our living room ceiling currently.  Notice anything strange? (besides blurry phone pic)

If you followed the big arrow to the headbands hanging from the ceiling, you found it!  It started with one shot up there by mistake and it stuck to the popcorn ceiling.  We like shooting these things around the house.  They don't stay in hair, so we have fun with them.  To get the first one down we shot another one at it, but it also stuck.  Trying to get those down we shot another one and it stuck, too!!!  It cracks me up. 
Well, luckily, Dr. D thought up a plan to get them down.  All we need is a cannon.  He will get inside, and someone has to light the fire thing, then pull the lever and BOOM!  He will shoot up there and get them down.  Hmmmm  It's worth a try-anyone know where I can find a cannon?

I was also lucky enough to chip my tooth today.  Huzzah!  (NOT)  As we were talking about it on the way home from school, I said how I am so bummed because although the back of the tooth chipped today I think the front is going to chip off soon as well.  Then I will look like a hillbilly with a tooth all chipped.  Yes, it is a front bottom tooth.  Well, to encourage me Dr. D told me, "You don't have to look like a hillbilly, just be a mom!".  Thanks, son.  I'll try my best. :)


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He is so hillarious! He sounds like Pauls son talking about blowing stuff up! hahaha What a sweetie