Thursday, July 21, 2011

Birthday Blondie

My Blondie has been with us for 11 wonderful years.  Happy, happy birthday, Blondie girl!!

 Eleven things I LOVE about Blondie:
1.  She has a great sense of humor.
2.  She can impersonate voices and go "gangsta" if she wants to.
3.  WOW, she is a great artist!
4.  She is a very sweet friend to everyone.
5.  She is a good diaper changer.  :)
6.  She takes good care of her younger siblings.
7.  She is very curious and likes to know how things work.
8.  She always likes to help in the kitchen.
9.  She has fun ideas for making silly videos and pictures.
10.  She is my only blue eyed child.
11.  She is great at memorizing poems and scriptures.

To make this day special for her, she woke up to a heart-covered wall and we started out by making her breakfast of choice-waffles and a chocolate smoothie.  Then her sister Sweet G helped her pick out a cute outfit and we headed next door to get a cute hairstyle.  We opted for "curly girly".  So awesome!!

Then she spent the day at Amazing Jakes with one of her bff's, who has almost the same bday.  When she got home we gave her her presents: mommy made pj shorts, a mommy made headband, a lace vest (she got this one early, actually), and a project Runway drawing kit.  She has an upcoming shopping date with Nana as well.

We looooove this girl.  I feel so blessed to have you for a daughter, Blondie.  Hope you had a great day!!


Jen said...

What a beautiful birthday girl!

Reeds said...

Happy Birthday! She is such a gorgeous young lady.

Reeds said...

p.s. It was so fun to see you at the parade!