Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BAck to SchOol!!

Can. You. Believe. It???  Is it REALLY back to school already?    Time does fly.  It is a bittersweet experience for all of us.  I admit that it is really quiet around here this morning, and that's not all bad.  :)  I hope the kids are having a great day!!  
Here are the back to school shots of the morning:

First, the big girls.  Teeny Bopper is sporting new bangs and a driver's permit as a sophomore in high school.  Did I just say that out loud?  I am OLD enough to have a sophomore??  Sweet G with her lovely mermaid hair and glasses that we need to get fixed.  Do NOT lose your lens today, K?

Little Miss ready for her first day at a new school.  Cutie!

Blondie at a new school, too.  Her last year of Elementary!!  WHERE has the time gone??

I will miss my girls today!!


Jen said...

I heart 1st day of school pics!!!!

and love all their hair!

House Of P said...

Everyone looks fabulous! Teeny Bopper, I'm loving the new bangs!

Holly Decker said...

tell your heritage heroes that uniforms never looked so good.
gosh i looked horrid in my uniform- they look AMAZING!
what cute kids. no, wait, they are TO DIE FOR cute kids.
do you ever tell them the story of how i babysat them and locked myself out? gosh i suck.
anyways, i love you. i love your blog. and i love the way you do motherhood.

Salsa Mama said...

Holly! Thanks, you made my day!! I tell my girls they look cute in uniform, but I don't think they believe me. They feel like you do about them. And, we do love to talk about when you locked yourself out. That is a GREAT story. :) We love you!!