Saturday, August 20, 2011

The sweetest twins!!

A friend of mine recently had the cutest little twin boys and let me come take pictures of them.  I was in heaven, for sure!!  They are super sweet and so adorable and cuddly and precious and I could go on forever!!  There are so many cute pics, I will post them over a few posts.
They pretty much slept the whole time.  We turned the air off so it was warm and toasty.  So warm that I was literally dripping sweat.  Pretty gross, but worth the sleeping babes.  :)

Too. much. sweetness.  I could eat them up!!

Their mommy wants to use this bear as a way to measure their growth.  Cute!

So happy in daddy's arms.

I HAVE to get me some of these sock monkey hats!  Darling!

I want to kiss them.  Right now!  


Jen said...

Great Job on the photo's!!!!!
They are adorable :)

*Katie May* said...

How sweet! You did an awesome job!