Tuesday, October 18, 2011

International Children's Day

A favorite yearly event at our favorite preschool is International Children's Day.  Instead of dressing up for Halloween, the kids dress up in clothes of whatever country they want, parents bring food from that country, and it's a parade and potluck for everyone.  I LOVE this day!!  The kids march around to "It's a Small World", then sing songs that melt my heart every time.  Songs about loving each other and the world, stuff like that.  Yes, I usually cry.  Dr. D went as a Mexican, complete with moustache:

His sister Teeny Bopper did the stache for him, and he felt so proud of that.  He just knew he looked like a REAL mexican with that moustache.  Just like George, he said. :) (grandpa's farmhand down in Mexico)  When I dropped him off at our carpooler's house and they opened the door, he said, "It's me!  Dr. D!!", just in case they didn't recognize him.  :)

This guy came too, of course:

And I love squeezing on my boys:

 (Dr. D had a bloody nose that day, can you tell? haha)

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Melinda said...

COOLNESS! What a neat day. GO Lincoln