Thursday, December 1, 2011

Merry December!

our tree last year

Wow.  I had all kinds of thoughts going through my head about things to do in December, and then all of a sudden, here it is and I am unprepared.  (that's a shocker :)
Well, I do have some goals for this month.  I guess I will start off with those.

1.  No TV during the day.  The only TV I want on is sometimes in the evenings when my honey and I watch our new show "Lie to me" :), or Christmas movies on weekends.  This also includes no video games for my little guy.  He took the news surprisingly well, btw.  Whew.

2.  I want to only make dinner that includes meat maximum of 2 times per week.  If that meat is fish, I will be even happier.  We need to cut back on our meat consumption, and even DH is with me on that one.  I am also going to cut waaaay back on dairy products, except yogurt.  I want to make my own with raw milk.  That's the goal, anyway.  And then another food goal I have is to start eating "cultured vegetables"-a little with every meal.

3.  The LDS website has ideas for the twelve days of Christmas and I haven't looked through all the ideas yet, but I figure if it's on the church site, it must be good.  That 's my plan as far as "advent calendar" goes.  DH wants to teach the kids about Hanukkah as well.  We have a menorah, and are going to learn about it and incorporate this into our holiday celebrations.  (not all the traditions, just the learning about it)

4.  I want to make a lot of our Christmas gifts.  Note to self:  get on the stick!!  They aren't going to make themselves!!  :)

That's a good December 1 post, I'd say.  More to come.  Welcome, December!!!

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