Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No TV!

So, we had our month of "technology fast".  Last Sunday we got the family together to get everyone's input on how things went.  We went around the table and had each person tell how we felt about the month without tv, without ipod, without video games, and without major computer use/abuse.
The consensus was - with the exception of 5 yr old Dr. D - unanimously to keep things the same!  NOBODY wanted to bring the TV back!!  Well, Dr. D would be happy to watch tv and play video games 24/7, but he has been perfectly happy without them.  It was so cute that little Tail Gunner said he missed Blue's Clues!  Who knew he even paid much attention.  We didn't even watch it all that much- I guess that blue puppy leaves an impression.  :)  We made a few tweaks to our strict rules of last month and are going forward with these.
The rules:
No tv during the week.  At all.  For anyone.
On one weekend night we can watch one movie for family movie night.  We can split this up and put on a little kid movie in one room and an older person movie in the other room.
Mon is no computer day except for homework.
Tues and Thurs the older girls get 30 min to goof around on the computer, and Wed and Fri the younger girls get 30 min (each).
Dr. D can have 30 min to play video games on Tues and Thurs, as long as his room is clean.

I was surprised and pleased when Teeny Bopper said that when the "fast" was over, she put her ipod on (which she normally relies heavily on) and then took it back off because she didn't even want the headphones on.  !!!!  YES!    I loved hearing this!

It's weird, but I physically feel better without the tv on.  Is that possible?  I guess it does emit something-some kind of waves or something?  Anyway, I feel better, and I like that too.  My yearnings to put the kids in front of the tv have also disappeared.  Part of it is probably that they have stopped wanting it.  They don't ask for it anymore and have an easier time entertaining themselves.

Oh-another bonus for me:  my head isn't constantly filled with scenes from the shows I have been watching!!! I was watching some pretty cool shows, but they were in my head all the time.  Even in the temple, which was annoying.  That has drastically diminished.  I doubt it will never totally go away, because once stuff is in our brains, it is IN there.  But I will settle for improvement.

Buh bye, TV!

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