Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Things that made me smile today:

Listening to some excerpts from my choir concert.  Check it out-click on this link and then click on the events tab.  (don't miss Old Man River-it's my favorite!)   I LOVE singing in that choir!!!  Have I mentioned that?  hehe

The neighbor boy (7 yrs old) talking to Blondie, who is wearing her "Battle of the Books" shirt.  He said, "So, you're in battle of the books?"  Blondie:  "Yep."  Neighbor:  "So, do you guys play volleyball or something?"  Too. Funny.

Getting stuff to make a new kind of homemade laundry detergent.  I dig that kind of stuff.  

Kissing my husband.  That makes me smile everyday.  :)

Watching my two boys together.  It pains me to see my baby growing up, but is a joy at the same time.  I love how my little guy is getting old enough to play with my older boy.  They are so fun to watch!  Funny how to boys, the world is their playground.  Everything is made to be climbed on, and then jumped off of.  yikes

This picture.  It makes me roll with laughter every time I see it.  Teeny Bopper made it in her photography class at school.  So. Stinkin. Funny.

Living in the midst of the orange groves.  This time of year when the blossoms are on, driving around with my windows open.  Heaven!

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