Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The production of Motherhood

I was thinking about the musical Wicked this morning.  Partly because my daughter Sweet G was practicing one of the songs with a friend yesterday, and partly because I am going to see my sister in law this summer, and we love to sing, sing, sing together.  Especially Wicked songs.  And all other songs.  :)  Anyway, I was singing in the car and images from the play were coming to mind.  And.....I got a little teary-eyed.  Whenever I go to a major musical production like Wicked, Les Mis, Phantom, etc. pretty much as soon as I walk in to the auditorium the tears start forming.  Call me a cry baby, because you would be so right.
I wonder why this is so emotional for me?  The music is certainly moving and the stories have touching moments, especially Les Mis, but I think it's more than that.  As I was trying to psychoanalyze myself, I realized there is a lot of emotion involved in a production like this.  From the audience you get anticipation, excitement, some impatience, high expectations, feelings of admiration for the performers--the list goes on.   From the performers you get anticipation, nerves, excitement, passion, etc.  I LOVE watching people on stage.  The good ones give their all; you can see it in their body postures - arms wide open, big movements, intense facial expressions.  When you sit close enough, you can see their sweat, tears, and spit flying.  There is no room for distraction.  You can tell they are putting every ounce of energy and focus into what they are doing at that moment and leaving inhibition behind.
Not sure why, but the comparison of a performer on a Broadway stage and motherhood came to my mind.  Isn't it a lot like an intense performance on stage?  You have tons of emotions from all sides.  Lots of expectations for ourselves, anticipation, nerves, passion, impatience-- all of that.  And it always comes out better when we put all our energy into mothering.  There is a lot of sweat involved.  Lots of tears and sometimes even spit flying as we go through life raising a family.  We have to rid our lives of distractions.  We have to let go of a lot of our inhibitions and just put ourselves out there for our kids.  It's tough sometimes, but the production comes out better for it.

That's my analytical rambling for the day.  :)  Who wants to go watch Wicked??

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Holly Decker said...

love the comparison, and i love the production YOU are putting together. your family inspires me. thanks for being you :)