Sunday, May 20, 2012

PROM 2012 (loads of pictures!)

Whew!!  It has been a very picture-filled week!  I am doing the editing and posting asap because I start a job on Monday.  More on that later...  This was so fun though-- taking pictures of my Teeny Bopper and her group for Prom.  Am I really old enough to have a daughter going to Prom?  hmm
The theme this year is "All That Glitters".  When TB heard what is was, she knew right away that she wanted a gold sparkly dress.  She had a recently graduated friend selling some of her old formal dresses for $25 so we went to look at them.  I couldn't believe it-she had a gold sparkly dress in just Teeny Bopper's size!  We snatched it up, hemmed it and voila!  Perfection.
They were such a beautiful group of kids.  Really.  Modest (and sweet) girls and handsome (and so polite!) guys were just so fun to watch and be around.  It is SO nice to have a group of friends that I like and trust with my kids!  Without further ado here are some pictures of my lovely girl and her date:  (and good friend)

This is the boutonniere that Teeny Bopper and I made.  It was so awesome!!  I want to make some hair clips like this.  We made this out of the bottom of her dress that we cut off.

And here is her beautiful corsage.  It was so pretty and matched perfectly with her gold dress!  I told her date to always go with wrist corsages.  So much less awkward.

The pick-up and farewell.

We went to a nearby park to take some pictures of everyone.

It was so cool that both Teeny Bopper and her date have taken Ballroom Dance at school, so they had some serious fun dancing!

Each couple did something cute together.  First we have the "yawn and stretch":

The "coy girl has her eye on the suave dude in the hat":

The "yeah, we are casual and so good looking too":

The "prom date on cell phone, wha?"

Followed by "I don't think so, buddy!  Take that!"

I love this gorgeous girl!!!


MegRich said...

Oh my goodness! She is so grown up and BEAUTIFUL! Wow Sally, lock them doors! ;)

Reeds said...

So Cute!! Ahh...brings me back a few years :) They all took amazing pics together! You are so talented!

Adriana said...

she is sooo beautiful!!!!! awesome pictures!!!