Monday, June 4, 2012

Bday number 3

Here are some pics from Tailgunner's big day:

We had our favorite Vanilla Bean Cake.  I love his look at the candles!  :)  Maybe he was hipnotized by the flames.  Or our awesome birthday singing.

It took several tries to get the candles blown out.

This is what I got when I asked for his "prettiest smile".  :)

Of course, we had magnificent party hats to lend a celebratory mood.

This boy LOVES cars!  After he opened these Hot Wheels, I asked if he wanted another present and he calmly said, "No."  I wish we always stayed so easy to please!!

This is a funny face Tail Gunner makes.  He clenches his little fists and his face and shakes.  It is so fuuny!  Looks like Dr. D was trying it, too.

Even though he was happy with the cars, this big tractor did get his attention.  His other favorite thing is tractors.  He also got some birthday clothes, but those weren't as exciting.

He is in that stage when kids love to put things in order.  The magnificent car line-up:

I LOVE you, Tail Gunner!!!  We have had a FABulous 3 years together, and I hope and pray for many, many more!


Melinda said...

Cant believe he is 3 already. Love that cute little guy. His facial expression when he opened the hot wheels is priceless...Loved it!

Jen said...

he is the cutest 3 yr old ever!