Sunday, September 30, 2012

The winner is...

Blondie received her first place art award last week.  (and got to see Alex Boye-BONUS!)

It was kind of a fiasco, which was irritating.  We were there on time, making sure she was where she was supposed to be -early in fact.  So there I was, waiting with my camera to take her picture as she went on stage to receive her award.  They call her name, and say "If Blondie is here somewhere please come see us to pick up your award", or something like that.  It was what they were saying for all the kids that weren't there to get their awards.  What???  I knew she was there, so I went around backstage and there she was, standing right there by the adults who were in "charge".  I went up and was clearly not happy, and was like, "Why is she standing here?  They just called her name!  Why didn't get go on stage to get her award?!?"  They didn't know, which made me more ticked.  They said she could go up on the stage after everyone was called, and say her name and they would give her the award.  Um, someone dropped the ball!  Poor girl!!  She was kind of embarrassed to have to do that, and I totally don't blame her!  They should have at least escorted her up and been with her.  But no.  So, she ended up doing it herself (you GO girl!!) and they gave her a packet of stuff.  I snapped a quick pic, and off she came.

Well, when we took a look in her packet it was full of coupons, but no award money.  She was so upset at first, saying, "If all I get are some lousy coupons I will be so mad!".  I assured her they would probably give her the money later and sure enough, we got a phone call saying to come meet the people at the art exhibit to collect her $200.  She felt much better after that.  :)

Here is her winning display, blue ribbon and all.  I can't say enough what a wonderful job she did, and how talented she is.  I hope she goes far with her art and enjoys every minute.  And getting paid for it isn't bad, either!

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