Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tea Party Birthday

Little Miss is turning 9 this month!!!  She decided on a bring your doll Tea Party birthday party.  Oh my, this was a FUN one to put together!  I began by going to Goodwill on half price days to collect a mis-matched set of tea cups and saucers.  Then started picking things up at the Dollar Store for goodie bags.  I got some cute little take out boxes, and a bunch of little (doll sized) things to go inside.
We searched Pinterest for food ideas, and decided to go with all little finger foods and a pink drink of some sort.  I got some doll sized tea sets at Walmart for the dolls party table.  Here is the invite I put together in Picmonkey:

To decorate, I used the tissue paper pom-poms from Sweet G's birthday party back in January.  They have been hanging in the garage since then!  I borrowed some sheer fabric from Naunee and voila!  I used some sheets for table cloths and then set the table with the fabulous tea cups and the adorable food.

 The girls table:

The dolls table:

It really was the best party!!!  There were 11 girls altogether, and let me tell you these were the cutest little girls!  They were so sweet!

Aren't they the cutest girls???

I try to NOT overschedule parties, so we kept things very low key.  First, they ate.  The menu consisted of ham and cream cheese and pb&j finger sandwiches, tiny peanut butter cookies, a berry medly, tiny chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting (thank you for the awesome frosting, Naunee!!) and the pink drink was Sprite mixed with strawberry Sobe.  It was perfect tea party food!

After eating our tea party fare, I had two tables set up.  One with supplies to make simple hair clips for the girls and their dolls, and another table with supplies to make matching girl/doll bracelets.  After that, we opened gifts and then it was time to go home!  Um, Little Miss scored in the present department!!  Two hours flew by and it was just perfect.

Now, to turn my attention to Dr.D's Superhero party next week....  :)


Jen said...

Such an adorable idea!!!!

Adriana said...

Fun Birthday party!!!! please tell her Happy Birthday from ALL of us... we miss you guys:(