Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dr. D turns 6!!!

I had grand plans for Dr. D's sixth birthday.  He wanted a Superhero party, and I collected so many fun ideas.  But when the time came, we were planning a move and just so, so busy that the thought of planning a big party was torturing me.  He had been talking about wanting a Build-a-bear for his birthday, and so I gave him the choice:  we could either have a special mom/dad/Dr.D date and get a bear, or he could have a party.  He chose the bear, which is good because the party would have been lame.  We did let him invite one of his best pals over for his birthday dinner, though.  They are so cute!  And they both have cool historical names, isn't that fun?

He did get some awesome gifts.  Blondie and Little Miss got him a Spiderman mask.

A cool lightsaber.

Mom and dad got this building set.  It's like life-size tinker toys that you can make forts with.  Those boys are so darling!

His buddy gave him a cool Lego set.

They had fun playing Lego Indiana Jones while I finished getting everything ready.  For his dinner (lucky for me) he chose Little Ceasar's Pizza, so I didn't even have to cook!  Sweet!

Modeling the mask:

We did still manage the most awesome Spiderman cake.  Naunee made it and it was da BOMB!  Dr. D LOVED it.

We love you, Dr. D!!!

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