Saturday, December 8, 2012

Living room - after pics

OK, here is the beginning post of the big reveal!  I forgot to take "after" pictures when the house was done and still empty.  So now, I have to wait until each room is clean and then take a picture.  This could take a while, LOL.  Let's start with the upstairs living room.  I tried to take pictures all the way around, so forgive the multitude of shots.  

I love the white piano with the gray walls.

A bookcase fit perfectly in the nook by the fireplace.  I am going to trim it out so it looks like a built-in.

The gray fireplace tiles go so well with the paint!

Once the gallery wall was up (yesterday) it felt so much more like home!  Funny how that is.

Here's a close-up of the shelves.  When we moved I told DH that I was in charge of this bookcase.  I took all our prettiest books, ditched the dust covers (they are safe and sound if we need them again later), and styled it very simply with some display items.  I think it looks pretty good!  Teeny Bopper told me last night how much she loves sitting and looking at the shelves.  I would call that a success, yes?

A close up of our window trim.  We had to do it to cover the drywall we had to put in to fix the windows.  I am kind of glad we had to fix them now, because I like this trim so much.

 And.... drumroll please.......  Our first Christmas decoration of the season!  A wreath I made from dollar store ornaments and ribbon on a wire coat hanger.  I started this wreath 3 years ago!  I ran out of ornaments, but the dollar store was sold out of them when I went back to get more.  (I waited until right before Christmas to start making it.  That's what I get.)  I got some more ornaments last year but ran out of time.  So, this year, I was sick and tired of see the box of a partially assembled wreath and decided to git 'er done.  I love it!

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decker family said...

GORGEOUS! and i love the wreath. i will get around to calling you one of these days :)