Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 family photos

OK, so we cut this waaaay close to the end of the year, and the pictures came out ok, but let's just say I was not having a good hair day.  It was also a little too late in the day and we were freezing.  Oh well, despite all this, I think we definitely got something worthy of our family picture wall so I am cool with it.
Without further ado, the photos:

Family in color-

family without color:

family pose #2:

All the girls:

Just the kids:

Kids pose #2:

Teeny Bopper, but I am sad it came out a bit blurry.  A lot of them came out blurry, so I want to re-do some of them.  She is just lovely, despite the blur:


Sweet G:

Little Miss:

Ah, true love:

The little boys:

Dr. Destructo:

Smoochy pie:

Tailgunner, poor kid was SO cold:

Oh, my handsome boys:

I LOVE MY FAMILY!  (and next year I want someone ELSE to take our pictures!  :)


Jen said...

aw you should have called me! :)

But they turned out great!

Salsa Mama said...

I actually thought of calling you, Jen! I totally should have. This year work for you? :)

Holly Decker said...

i am desperately in love with your family. oh my lanta. those turned out great in my opinion, and i just freaking LOVE YOUR FAMILY! what a treasure those people are! love love love.