Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas decorations

I always post my Christmas decorations, mostly because it helps me remember where to put stuff the next year.  It was fun to have a mantle again!  I forgot to take a picture with all the stockings up, so the one I have is with the ones I could find quickly stuck back up there.

Here is a close up of the little displays in the bookcase:

Some of the items are special and sentimental, like the Russian nesting dolls that are actually from a friend who went to Russia, the sock snowman that Little Miss made last year, and especially the nativity set.

This nativity is from my Grandma G, and she got it in Ecuador.  It's made of bread dough.  I think i may have had it out one other year of the last 18 we have been married because I am so protective of it, but I have decided that it needs to be out.  I am excited because I found a little stable at the Dollar Store (actually it was only 50 cents!) that I think will work perfectly with this scene next year!  

Here are my other nativities:

I made the wooden block one last year so the kids have one they can arrange and play with.  The rock one was a gift from my niece T years ago.  I still love it!  I also have a little glass nativity that was on the piano, but forgot to take a picture of it.

Anyway, that was my living room on Christmas!

Oh, and this ornament wreath on the mirror: 

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Jen said...

I'm doing less and less decorations these days.

Part of me misses it, but part of me loves the less mess.

So it's fun to look at past pics and see how much more decorating i did in past years.

Love all your nativities!