Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Updates

I was going to post our meals from last week, but I already erased my menu board, and it's like I also erased my memory.  I know we ate but can't recall what now.  Hmmm maybe it will come to me.
I started a fitness challenge and boot camp!  I am so excited!  It is a 90 day challenge, and I am determined to really stick with it and WIN something.  There are 2 ways to win-body fat percentage lost, and points.  We have a point chart so that every day we can earn points for things like eating 2 fruits, 3 veggies, drinking 8 glasses of water, exercising, not eating sugar, keeping a food journal, contacting a team mate, not eating after 8 pm, and meditation or uplifting reading.  It has only been 4 days, but I have already made some small changes that I am really happy about.
#1- I am putting a stop to mindlessly put food into my mouth.  The first day I especially noticed how many opportunities I had to eat things I did NOT need to.  Like tootsie rolls at the bank.  Finishing my kids food.  Etc, etc.  I totally would have popped them into my mouth without a thought, but now I have this challenge on my brain so I stop and think first.
#2- I dug out a pitcher I have had for a while and figured out it holds exactly 8 glasses of water.  So every day I fill it with good water and add some Ormus greens to it and, VOILA!  I don't even have to think about how much water I have had, I just drink my pitcher and call it good.  And I feel so good adding the greens because I know I don't eat enough.  And I love the taste.

#3- Keeping a food journal really helps me.  I can't remember one meal to the next so I need to keep it written down to make sure I don't over do it.  This time I am also writing down my thoughts every now and then about what I am doing.
#4- I find I am very motivated by a contest.  I wasn't doing anything on my own for more than a couple days.  It is hard for me to just be self-motivated apparently.  I need the accountability of a teammate, and the motivation of the contest.  And my teammate is DH's cousin (who is holding the challenge) and she is so sweet and I know she actually cares about me and wants me to succeed!

In other news, we had the most amazing Stake Conference this weekend!  All about parenting and family-just what we needed to hear!

We have been sticking to our budget and it brings me so much peace of mind.  I would rather have a budget and have to live a bit "tight" than spend spend spend and not know what is going on with my money and not have the means to pay bills when they come due.

We hosted an extended family dinner last night, and it was so wonderful!  We had about 36 people here and it was amazing.  Pot luck, so we had tons of delicious food and of course the company was great.  Lots of little ones running around, but we set up tables outside and spent much of the time outside in the PERFECT weather.  Oh, it was so lovely!  The kiddos had lots of room to play outside and downstairs while the adults got to visit.  I don't want to wait a year before doing this again!  Our kids need to know their family and feel a connection to them.

Trying to wrap my head around the fact that the weather is warming up so quickly.  And Easter is this month!?!  Boy, time does fly.

I need to clean out my pantry BIG time!  I am trying to psyche myself up to do it...

Let the new week begin!

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