Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some thoughts

I woke up feeling so grateful today.  As I woke up I was just so happy to be waking up and stretching in a nice bed (albeit, my sheets are the cheapest available and the mattress is showing it's age).  My room was clean (5 weeks in a row!!!  We have set a record, folks) and DH beside me.  My kids were still quiet (yes!) and all under my roof (coming to an end all too soon).  Wearing my softest jammies and knowing that even though I was going to be able to shower, I wasn't terribly filthy to begin with.  A bathroom with indoor plumbing that works.  Knowing we had food to eat for breakfast and good schools for the kiddos to head off to.  Cars that (for the moment) are both functioning.  Even nice weather!!
Just feeling so grateful!  Blessed to have another day of life and another chance to improve.

Here are some random scenes from breakfast:

Tailgunner eating with Mr. Tweety

The lunch line-up-tic tac toe, seven in a row!

On a breakfast note, why do my kids beg for cereal, and then when I buy it it seems like they throw away half their bowl?  THAT is why I rarely buy cereal.

I have come to terms with Fall coming.  I love fall, it just snuck up on me.  But now, it's all good.  Bring on the Fall!  I may even dig out the fall decor next week.  Oooooh  Aaaaaah

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