Saturday, January 4, 2014

M and B family pics

My sister and brother in law have been staying with us this week with their two ADORABLE boys.  It has been such a pleasure to spend time with them!!!  I took some family pictures of them, and despite the fact that most of the really great shots either came out blurry or too dark (BOOOO!!), we still got some good ones.  I don't know why they came out blurry, and it makes me so mad!  I think in some of them the camera was focusing on a branch that was close to me.  I couldn't tell in my viewfinder, so I didn't retake it.  grrrrr   Anyway, here are the good ones.  (prepare for serious cuteness):

I need to get some toys for taking pictures.  Two-year olds are tough if you can't get their attention! :)

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Holly Decker said...

great job! i bet they were a breeze after our monkeys! :)