Thursday, February 20, 2014

quick post about the kids

Little miss-informed us last night that she wants to have two children from her own uterus, and then adopt twins from China. A boy and a girl, and the girl WILL have bangs.

Tailgunner-his new name is B-dog. (Self given) he is so pleased whenever I remember to call him that and to feed him "dog food", brush his teeth with "dog paste", groom his paws, etc.  I really do try but sometimes in forget. The smile on his face when I get it right is so cute though. I will try my doggone best, hee hee.

Teeny bopper-is doing a research paper on the paleo diet and gets extra credit for actually doing it. So she is eating paleo style this week. Its interesting...

Blondie-has decided to switch schools next year and got to shadow someone at that school yesterday. She liked it and is sure she wants to try it now. I am sure she will do well wherever she goes.

Sweet G-really wants a job. She has been looking and doing a great job of checking into prospective work. It looks like she may be getting a job in the school cafeteria at lunch time and with a dog groomer on the weekends. Its smelly work, but dogs out there are counting on her.  :-)  I wonder if we can get a discount for Chiquita?

Dr. D-has figured out that he has to do his chores before he can play. Its awesome! After school, he asks me if he can play, I ask him if his homework is done, he says I did it before I got home, I start to say "what about your ch..." And before I can finish he has run off to get all the garbages to empty.  I love seeing my kids work! That skill will get them far in life.

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Holly Decker said...

i love your kids. and the part about "WILL have bangs"? HILARIOUS. made my day!